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The real question is, what do you want to do: channel your love for drawing cards with the Jace or summon a swarm of soldiers with Elspeth?

I wanted to start a new series of finance articles, but I am going to try an unusual method. I am going to apply the approach I take to the stock market to the world of finance. What I do is follow a few companies closely, and buy when one of them is undervalued then sell when it has adjusted. As you might guess, this strategy ends up involving a lot of research but minimal action. Luckily, with Magic it should be less research so I’ll expand it to 15 different “stocks I follow.” Until they rotate from standard, I’ll be following the gods to see what opportunities we can find…

Nylea | $5.50 v $12.88 | 2.34x | Nylea has a very low multiplier compared to the rest of the gods. She sees a bit of Standard play, but more heavy play in EDH as part of the 99. The best comparison is Heliod who sees similar play in EDH, but none in standard. His non foil price is lower, but his foil price is about the same so his multiplier is much higher at 3.57x

Kruphix | $3.28 v $23.40 | 7.13x | Kruphix is a casual EDH all-star, though his MetaMox numbers are low his casual paper numbers drive his price. Casual EDH is hard to track, and MetaMox uses MTGO results to get the play frequency so his numbers are understated. Either way his multiplier is very high, so we’ll be sure to follow him closely.

Keranos | $8.19 v $64.50 | 7.88x | Keranos is Nyx’s gift to modern, seeing a very respectable amount of play at 117 copies. Oddly enough, modern is the only format where he is played, so that may explain the high multiplier. It’ll be interesting to see if he starts seeing play in standard post rotation, since we know he’s strong enough for modern.

Ephara | $2.48 v $20.23 | 8.15x | Ephara is only played in EDH, and her effect is very good in casual EDH because it doesn’t attract fire like Mogis, Athreos, or Purphoros. 


Special shoutout to all the new college students out there! Anyone starting up their first quarter now or in the next month, welcome to college and I wish you the best. I just wanted to give a couple college mtg reminders:

  1. If you moved to a new town for college, find your closest shop with Wizard’s locator and get involved! College is the time to meet new people, so get started.
  2. Amazon gives college students 6 free months of prime (aka free 2 day shipping and video streaming), so get your Magic cards cheaper or more realistically all the stuff you didn’t realize you’d need now that you’re on your own.
  3. Not magic related, but don’t buy books from your campus bookstore. The entire textbook setup is a monopoly and rip off (your school gets paid to tell you to go buy that $120 calculus book), you can find them used online or a PDF. Ask your professors if an older version of the book is okay, because it usually is and at 10% the price.
  4. Have fun, but don’t forget that you’re there to learn and study. Run the math for yourself, but for my in state fees I calculated that I was paying $20 per 2 hour lecture. May as well go if you’re paying for it…